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Victory from Defeat

Today does not matter to anyone else except me, for just one reason.  In spite of it all, I am here.  There is nothing of historical significance about this date, I’m at least twelve months away from the launch of our next project.  Even so, I have had some trouble with my vision and I’m glad […]

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The Challenge of a First Novel

Writing and publishing are not the same thing.  The plain and simple fact is that I’ve completed more projects that I’ve actually put in print.  Some were never followed through on because somebody beat me to it, meaning they put the idea in to circulation before I do–so I didn’t. As many times as I do this, […]

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Your Creative Process

How do you write a novel or short story?  Depending on where you went to school, what you read, or who you ask: there are at least six different ways to do this.  The bottom line is…with or without a plan, based on what you know about the genre and your own style.   Some people […]

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