Victory from Defeat

Today does not matter to anyone else except me, for just one reason.  In spite of it all, I am here.  There is nothing of historical significance about this date, I’m at least twelve months away from the launch of our next project.  Even so, I have had some trouble with my vision and I’m glad to say we’re past the worst.  Did it slow me down?  Yes.

Has it stopped me?  No.  Even so, it gave me something to think about while I was seeking my inner calm.  Sitting on my hands while I wait for biology to do what it does has always been some of a p-p-problem for me, because I lack patience.  There are days when I hear clocks that aren’t there, because I’m bothered by all the time spent sitting and waiting for things that may not happen.  Some time in the future, a recovery I wait for may not materialize.

Yeah, well.  Then what?  Fact is, I don’t know.  All I can answer for right now is the here-and-now.  So, I do what I can with what I have.  Years ago, I learned that victory comes from defeat if-if-if we are willing to learn from what beat us–or–what can defeat us.

Facing up to what bothered you could be educational, especially when it shows you something you didn’t know.  Understanding what you’re afraid of should be thought of as an advantage.  You can’t always beat what scares you–but–fear becomes less intimidating when you know what it is and where it comes from.

When you get right down to it, books do not write themselves.  Might as well get back to work.

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