Justin Oldham is a legally blind author who lives in Anchorage, Alaska. He holds degrees in History and Political Science from the University of Alaska, Fairbanks.

He was born with a condition called Aniridia. He lost an eye to glaucoma as a teenager. He's worked with subject matter experts to develop books on the topic of vision impairment.

Justin is a fan of military, political, and science fiction. Alaskan themes are common throughout most of futuristic fiction. He often adds a conspiratorial twist to his storytelling style.

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Your Ocular Prosthetic

This introduction to ocular prosthetics is intended by reassure persons who have just lost an eye. Ocularists and other medical professionals will find this educational tool to be quite useful when dealing with new clients.

Information in this volume includes a description of ocular prosthetics by type, as well as a walkthrough of the various procedures that the patient will experience when being fitted for a new ocular prosthetic.

This product was developed in conjunction with noted Ocularist Greg T. Sankey, who is the founder of the company, Custom Ocular Prosthetics, which is based out of Seattle, Washington.


Ten billion pacifistic Lapropods, fleeing their dying world, have accidentally exterminated most of the human race. Sixty years later, humans and Lapropods are at the mercy of brutal NorCons. Humanity seems bound for extinction until one scared and lonely Lapropod steps forward to carry out a confused and desperate rebellion. His exploits in the harsh Alaskan wilderness are epic. Can he save his people (and the humans), or is everyone on Earth dooomed to a life of slavery?

Being Legally Blind: Observations for Parents of Visually Impaired Children

"If I could go back in time for just one moment, this is the book I'd give my parents."

All parents face a mix of joys and challenges when welcoming a new child into the family. Being told that your new son or daughter has a visual disability makes the task of sharing the world with that child seem much more daunting. It will be difficult, but it is an adventure which you both can survive. This book will provide you with some insight into the obstacles you will face, pitfalls to be avoided, joys to be shared, and hope for what is to come.

What expectations should you have? What resources are available to assist your child? Where do you find them? Is it possible for your child to become a happy, successful member of society? This book addresses these questions and others, with a forward by ophthalmologist and eye surgeon Griffith C. Steiner, M.D.

How to Write Conspiracy Fiction

How To Write Conspiracy Fiction is a step-by-step analysis of the genre that introduces the writer to all the important story elements that make this type of fiction work for readers and prospective publishers.

Crisis At The Kodiak Starport

Based on Tales from the Kodiak Starport, the novel Crisis at the Kodiak Starport is a fast-paced technology thriller that takes the reader from the shores of Kodiak Island, through the Bering Sea, in to space. Billions suffer from drought and famine while coastal nations fight over what’s left of depleted oceans. Is this really how the world ends?

Tales From The Kodiak Starport

Tales from the Kodiak Starport is a collection of science fiction stories chronicling the efforts of adventurous Alaskans to facilitate mankind's move toward space-based commerce, stepping from the Last Frontier into the final frontier. Each tale, set in a different period, explores an aspect of the space industry and its impact on the economic and ecological well-being of the people of Earth. In today's world, Kodiak Island, Alaska is home to the Kodiak Launch Complex (KLC), a 3,717-acre rocket launch facility. The KLC is a joint venture between the state of Alaska and the investors of the Alaska Aerospace Development Corporation (AADC). At this point, KLC's services are geared to the safe launching of polar-orbit satellites and sub-orbital research payloads. In time, the complex may grow into an entity similar to, or even better than, the facility depicted in these stories. From the pioneers who build the businesses supporting the various launch activities of the complex and those who defend the facility from a close encounter of the government kind, to the man who's just trying to keep his family's business running, the perseverance and tenacity of the Alaska business community is put to the test. Some stories explore the potential of the site, its customers, and those involved in its day-to-day operations, while others provide a glimpse at the impact of scientific advances on relationships between individuals and society and the effects of international politics on the environment and the facility's role in reversing them. Welcome to the Kodiak Starport - gateway to the future.

Living With Low Vision

Living With Low Vision is an introduction to vision impairment. This book showcases groups and organizations that help the blind. Assistive technologies are explained. How can a sighted person help the blind? What are the rules for interacting with a blind person’s guide dog? These topics, and much more are discussed in 130 pages.

Showdown At The Kodaik Starport

Sequel to “Crisis at the Kodiak Starport,” War continues throughout the Asia-Pacific Rim. U.S. and Chinese armed forces clash in the air and at sea over food, sovereignty, and natural resources. Battles in space determine the future of nations as starport executives wield power that politicians never dreamed of. Will the price of peace be a new world order, or could be it something else?